Monday, January 31, 2011

Space Patrol Outer Space Helmet

Scene from the movie "The Rocket Man" featuring a Space Patrol Outer Space Helmet

The most classic space helmet of them all, the full clear plastic bubble. The Space Patrol Outer Space Helmet, came with an inflatable oxygen tank and hoses. They didn't come any closer to recreating the real deal than this one! The perfect example following was offered on auction two years ago, complete with the box and instruction sheet.

These helmets are seen in toy catalogs dating at least back to 1953. There's also reports that the vinyl part may have also been offered in other colors besides blue. When considering a purchase, check whether the clear plastic has become discolored and if the vinyl has become stiff and brittle. Often this part may be missing all together.

Below I have another near-pristine example of this fantastic helmet, seen up for auction on Unfortunately for me, and very lucky for someone else, this one was offered (and immediately sold) through a "Buy Now" option. The Space Patrol helmet is still supposed to be quite common. But for many years this holy-grail of toy space helmets has persistently eluded your friendly neighborhood Space Commander over and over.

Oh well, nobody claimed that being a collector of things vintage and spacey was ever for the faint hearted ;)


  1. I had this helmet as a kid, but a part must have been missing because no one could blow up the blue plastic part. Drat!

  2. i have one complete with box.

  3. How much is this worth I have one.

    1. Hi. I don't know how much it is worth, but I work with a museum and might be able to find out. If you still have it and would be interested in chatting, let me know: